Oxford  Instruments   
    Oxford Instruments is a market leader in Ultra-Low-Temperature instrumentation and superconducting magnets. The product range includes dilution refrigerators, 3He refrigerators, superconducting magnets and optical cryostats. Most products are now available as Cryo free products and the helium-free range includes our award winning Triton Cryogen-free dilution refrigerator, standard solenoids(up to 18 T) , vector rotate and split pairs magnet systems. Oxford Instruments can also offer complete system integration of magnet and low or ultra-low temperature inserts even for cryogen-free and/or UHV compatible systems.
Quantum Design Inc.  
Quantum design Inc. Quantum Design International (QDI) manufacturers and distributes scientific and industrial instrumentation through an international network of local direct offices in every major technological center around the world. At our booth during LT26, you will see the latest version of cryogen-free PPMS, SQUID-VSM, VersaLab and new IR image furnace (Floating zone furnace) from Quantum Design. Besides, a full line of research cryostats (including unique ADR type from High Precision Devices and Ultra-Low vibration cryogen free cryostat from Montana Instruments) and various superconductivity magnets (including vector rotate and split pairs magnets etc from American Magnetics Inc) will be exhibited.
Andeen-Hagerling, Inc
                   Andeen-Hagerling, Inc                                                                                              

Andeen-Hagerling (AH) manufactures the world’s most precise capacitance/loss bridges and capacitance standards.  AH bridges are fully automatic and resolve sub-attofarad measurements. Loss (dissipation factor) is measured down to 1.5x10-8 tand.    Capacitance standards are available from 0.1pF to 100+pF.  Standards have a temperature coefficient of .01ppm/C and stability of 0.3ppm/year

BlueFors Cryogenics Oy Ltd

BlueFors Cryogenics Oy is a company that specializes in cryogen-free dilution refrigerator systems. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality, robust and easy to operate refrigerators that require no cryogenic experience of the user. All systems can be optimized and/or customized to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Linkphysics Corporation
Linkphysics Corporation supplylow temperature, magnet and vacuum products and it is appointed by the following companies as its representative in the territor research of the People’s Republic of China:
Lakeshore Cryotronics Inc., Leiden Cryogenics b.v., CRYO Industries of America Inc., Tristantech Technologies, MEDA Inc., Cryofab, GGB Industries Inc., CFIC Qdrive, CPC-Cryolab, CeramTec Group, CryoBIND
Lake Shore Crygenics
Lake Shore Crygenics  Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. is a corporation which supplys the needs of scientists and researchers studying the physical properties of metals and ceramics at very low temperatures. Main product are temperatures sensor and instrument probe stations Hall effect systems VSM systems field control platform systems magnetic instrument &sensor power supply.
Iceoxford Limited
 Iceoxford Limited    Designers and manufactorers of high performance low temperature cryogenic systems.  
Leiden Cryogenics
Leiden Cryogenics

Leiden Cryogenics. B.V. is a company specialized in building equipment for research at low and ultra low temperatures, particularly dilution refrigerators both of the wet as of the dry type, but also thermometry and other low temperature equipment. Leiden Cryogenics exists since 1992 and has built several hundred dilution refrigerators of the highest quality and performances.


THAMWAY has designed and provided each instrument of NMR system (including transmission system (modulator, power amplifier),receiver and pulse generator) for a number of universities and reserch institutes to conform to their own specifications.

Cryogenic Limited
Cryogenic Limited

Cryogenic leads the market in cryogen free technology and offers a large variety of measurement facilities in a helium free environment. This includes Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Specific Heat, AC susceptibility, Resisitivity Measurements and Thermal conductivity. Offered with a field of upto 20 Tesla and ultra low temperatures down to 300 mK with a He-3 insert or 25 mk with a DR. Cryogenic has now developed a CF SQUID Magnetometer with a sensitivity of 10-8.

American Institute of Physics

The American Institute of Physics is a federation of 10 physical science societies representing more than 135,000 scientists, engineers, and educators and is one of the world's largest publishers of scientific information in physics. AIP publishes 12 journals; two magazines, including its flagship publication Physics Today; and the AIP Conference Proceedings series. 

IOP Publishing
IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing is a world leader in scientific publishing and the electronic dissemination of physics. Our expanding portfolio includes a number of exceptional journals, magazines and websites across many scientific, technical and medical disciplines.

Nanomagnetics Instruments

 Nanomagnetic Instruments is specialized on high resolution scanning probe microscopy production. Products for high as well as lowtemperature down to 20mK are available.

Nanjing Cooltech Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd

Nanjing Cooltech Cryogenic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a technology oriented company concentrated on the development and manufacturing of Cryocoolers, Cryopumps and other various kinds of cryogenic systems. NCCT’s products include 4K G-M Cryocoolers, 10K G-M Cryocoolers, 4K Pulse tube Cryocoolers, Cryopumps, Cryostats, dilution Cryocoolers, superconducting magnets, helium liquefiers, hydrogen liquefiers, gas purification devices and other customized cryogenic and vacuum systems.

      Western Superconduting Technologies Co. LTD (WST)

WST  is located in Xi’an ,China .It is manily engaged in R&D and manufacture of NbTi ingots, bars and NbTi/Cu, Nb3Sn/Cu super-conducting wires. WST is one of the important supplier for ITER project. WST have yearly production capacity of 500 tons  for NbTi surperconducting wire. Our products  have been widely applied in the field of high magnetic field, nuclear fusion, accelerator, MRI,  NMR. The products have got  a good reputation and  approved by ITER Organization.

Physike Technology Co.,td

Physike Technology Co., Ltd, an equipment sales and technical consulting high-tech company, is the Chinese representative of Janis Research, Co., Cryomagnetics, Inc., IRlabs; Cryocon control systems, Inc, Scientific Instruments Inc, Cryofab Inc, M & I Apiezon We also develop a variety of test equipments, such as Hall, AC, Seebeck and DLTS measurement systems.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Shanghai) Management, Ltd

Belonging to Sumitom Heavy Inducstries, Ltd., is the leading manufacturer of cryogenic products in the world. With the headquarter in Tokyo, and a history of more than 50 years, SHI Cryogenics Group owns three factories, eight sales & service centers all over the world.

      Scientific Magnetics

 Scientific Magnetics manufactures standard and bespoke superconducting and cryogenic solutions. We design and manufacture magnet systems from low and high temperature superconductors, in liquid Helium cooled and cryogen free configurations. We also integrate cryogen free superconducting magnets with ultra low temperature Inserts through our collaboration with BlueFors Cryogenics Oy Ltd.

     Attocube Systems AG

Attocube systems AG manufactures and distributes a complete line of low vibration cryostats, scanning probe microscopes and nanopositioning systems for temperatures starting from 300 K down to the mK range! The latest product development is an ultra-low noise, top-loading, cryogen-free cooling system for vibration sensitive measurements. Specifications such as 4.2 nm peak-to-peak vibration amplitude at the sample location combined with high-magnetic fields and fast turnaround times make this unit unique amongst the dry cooling systems.We invite you to visit our booth to see our new range of products and discuss how we can meet your specific requirements.

     Cryomech Inc.

Cryomech is a recognized leader in new cryorefrigerator (cryocooler) design and manufacturing. We developed and produced the world's first 4K Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerator. We also manufacture the largest variety of single stage Gifford-McManon Cycle Cryorefrigerators available anywhere. 

    The Physical Society of Japan

The Physical Society of Japan (JPS) is an organization of some 20,000 physicists, researchers as well as educators, and engineers.  The JPS was founded in 1877 as the first society in natural science in JapanThe JPS publishes the Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, which is devoted to the rapid dissemination of important research results pertaining to all fields of physics.

     Ulvac Cryogenics Inc.

 For almost 30 years, ULVAC CRYOGENICS INC. has been manufacturing cryopump systems for the semiconductor, LCD and related high vacuum industries. Our wealth of vacuum and cryogenics technology experience in these competitive markets has taught us how to build highly reliable and powerful 2-stage Gifford-McMahon refrigerators and compressors. These refrigerators, referred to as “cold heads” are used in nearly all closed cycle cryopumping systems , single-stage and two-stage units, available in a wide range of sizes, from small to large for many different applications.

    CamCool Research Limited

 With over fifty years of research experience in low temperature and high pressure physics among our team, CamCool Research is a spin-off company from the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. We specialise in realising ultra-low noise measurements using magnetic refrigerators capable of smooth and continuous temperature sweeps from 20mK to 300K and hydrostatic high pressure systems up to 200kbar.

     Aivon Oy

Aivon Oy is a private Finnish company established in 2006. Aivon Oy is specialized in ultrasensitive measurements especially with superconducting sensors and low-noise readout electronics. Product range includes among other things Coulomb Blockade Thermometer and cryogenics related electronics. 

     VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

 VTT is a globally networked multitechnological contract research organization. VTT provides high-end technology solutions, innovation services and production ramp-up. In the field of tunnel junction devices VTT has competence on Nb and Al tunnel junction multi-layer processes, SQUID design and process, and Quantum information devices based on Josephson tunnel junctions.

     GWR Instruments, Inc.

GWR Instruments, Inc. manufactures simple, reliable, and inexpensive systems for producing and storing liquid helium in any location. The Advanced Technology Liquefier (ATL) systems are energy efficient and will drastically reduce the cost per liter of liquid helium. Capacity sizes range from 40L to 160L. 

   Cryomagnetics, Inc.

Cryogen-FREE and traditional LHe-based dilution refrigerator systems offer performance advantages including high power, low base temperature, automated gas handling, and special attention to environmental noise and vibration. Integrated high field and multi-axis superconducting magnets are available. In partnership with the low temperature laboratory at the CEA Saclay, we have the ability to address the most demanding requirements.

   World Scientific Publishing Company

World Scientific Publishing Company was established in 1981 with only five employees in a tiny office. Today, the company employs more than 200 staff at its headquarters in Singapore, and has offices in New Jersey, London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chennai, Beijing and Shanghai. In less than three decades, it has established itself as one of the leading scientific publishers in the world, and the largest international scientific publisher in the Asia-Pacific region.

   Janis Research Company

Janis combines over 50 years of manufacturing experience with extensive engineering capabilities to provide cryogenic systems for all research applications. Application specific products include cryostats for optical microscopy, FTIR, and Mössbauer spectroscopy, continuous flow and Helium-3 cryostats, 4 K and 10 K closed-cycle refrigerators, dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnet systems, and micromanipulated probe stations. Our staff of physicists and engineers is on hand to tailor cryogenic systems to meet specific experimental requirements and budgets.




Come and Join Us for




Beijing, China


August 10-17, 2011

You Are Invited!

The Exhibition Committee for the 26th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT26) cordially invites your company to exhibit at LT26 scheduled for August 10 through 17, 2011 at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC), located adjacent to the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) on the Olympic Green Boulevard. This prestigious event is being held in China for the first time and we expect over 1,500 low temperature researchers and scientists to attend.


LT26 Exhibitors will consist of manufacturers, service providers and publishers related to low temperature science and technology. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to present your company’s latest products, services and techniques.


To assure maximum exposure for your company and value for your investment, the exhibition will be held in the same large hall as all the poster sessions.


We very much look forward to seeing you in Beijing, China 2011.




Show Hours


Thursday, August 11, 2011

9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Friday, August 12, 2011

9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Saturday, August 13, 2011

9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Monday, August 15, 2011

9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Move-in Hours:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

9:00 am – 5:00 pm



Tuesday, August 16

1:00 am – 4:00 pm

Benefits to Exhibitors


-    One Complimentary Full Conference Registration, which includes admission to the exhibit hall, to all technical sessions and to the social events.


-    One complimentary Exhibit-Only Registration, which includes admission to the exhibit hall and social events.


-    Pre- and post-conference listing on the LT26 web site with a hyperlink to your company’s homepage.


-    Company listing in the LT26 Conference Program Book.


-    All poster sessions will be held in the exhibit hall.


-    Special advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


Booth Rental Rates


The rental for a 3m x 3m booth varies from RMB10,000  to RMB18,000 ($1,500 to $2,700 on 1/1/2011) , the difference in rental rate depending on the booth position.   Broadly speaking, the “standard” booths are those lining the wall (25-41) as shown on the plan below and the rental for these is 15,000 RMB. The booths along the central corridor are thought to have a more advantageous position and the rental is 18,000 RMB and the cheap rate of 10,000 RMB is reserved for those booths which have a pillar through them.


All booths will be 3m wide by 3m deep. Each booth will be equipped with 2.45m high fabric side rails, carpet, power supply,internet access, spot lights, table, and board with company name.


Exhibitor Registration


Each 3m x 3m booth purchase includes one full conference registration and one exhibit-only registration. Full conference registrants are granted access to all technical sessions, the exhibit hall and all social events. Exhibit-only registrants are granted access to the exhibit hall and social events only.


*Additional Full Conference and Exhibit Only registrations may be purchased for other personnel.


Assignment of Booth Space


Exhibit space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until all spaces are taken. Payment for booths must be received in full by June 1, 2011. Applications will not be processed without full payment.


Please select your preferred booth from the floor plan provided and indicate your selection on the exhibitor application. Please also indicate which companies, if any, you wish to avoid as neighbors. Booth spaces will be assigned by June 10, 2011.



Please download the application form: exhibit-application form.doc.Complete the form and send it to:LT26@iphy.ac.cn

For Overseas Participant

Beneficiary Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branch
Account Number: 250101040005699
NAME: Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: P.O.Box 603, Beijing, China
Post Code: 100190
Transaction Remark: LT26 Exhibition and company name
Very Important note: please MUST write down “LT26 Exhibition and company name” as indicated above in your bank transfer sheet. After your payment, please inform us, while the original sheet should be well kept by yourself.

备注:LT26 展览(或LT26 Exhibition和公司名称  

重要提示: 在您的银行汇款单上, 上述备注信息必须仔细填写并核对, 以确保我们能查收到您的汇款。在您付款后,建议将银行汇款单(须写有备注信息)扫描,再以jpg格式发送email附件给我们,以便于我们及时确认您的汇款,原件请保留以备意外时核对。



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