Travel Information

Augusts in Beijing are hot and have more rain.  The temperature ranges from about 25oC to 35oC.   The relative humidity is on average about 74%.  For details, please refer to Weather China.

Chinese Yuan (CNY) is in general the only currency accepted in regular stores and restaurants in China.  Payment in cash is still the most welcome, although VISA and MasterCard are widely acceptable in hotels, shopping centers and large restaurants.  Local currency exchange is possible at foreign currency exchange counters (at the airport or some hotel counters) and banks on presentation of your passport.  However, you are encouraged to make the exchange before your arrival.  Check
google current converter

For Your Electronics
The power supply in China is 220 Volts/ 50Hz AC.  The power sockets are for two or three pronged plugs.  See the typical layout of sockets used in China at
Wikipedia.  Though converters may be borrowed in some hotel, it is recommended that you bring your own. 

Getting Around in China
If you would like to go for a satellite conference of LT26 or to travel a bit further in China, you may find the following website useful in booking air tickets and hotel rooms.


For detailed information on Venue and Transport, please download LT26 Brochure.


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